Grow your own mushrooms with our inoculated logs

What better way to celebrate the first full day of Spring than inoculating some locally harvested oak with medicinal and edible mushrooms! These one foot Red Reishi, Shiitake and Turkey Tail mushroom logs from Half Hill Farm are available for local pick up ($22) or ordering online if you live outside the area. We accept most major credit cards. Call 615-469-7778 for pick up.

Each log comes with instructions on how to care for your log to ensure it produces for many years to come. You can expect between 50% – 90% of the log’s weight in mushrooms over the years depending on the variety and proper care.

We also offer spawn pegs in 100 count units to inoculate your own logs. These are $12 per unit (100 will inoculate roughly three 4 feet logs) and are created from our cultivated spawn in the farm’s Shroomery lab. 500 or more are $10 per unit. These also come with basic instructions. Check out our other products for the more advanced mushroom grower.

Workshops: We do Spring and Fall workshops for small groups up to four people by appointment. You’ll learn all the basics in a quiet rural farm setting 12 miles East of Murfreesboro, TN and take home the log you inoculate.

5 thoughts on “Grow your own mushrooms with our inoculated logs

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  2. Am interested in attending your fall workshop. How much is it, when is it, how long is it, etc.
    Please send as much info as possible. Would also like purchase a shitake log or two or more depending on price.

  3. Sharon, my apologies for seeing your message here late. I’ll give you a call this week.

    For anyone else seeing this post, click the “Mushroom Workshops” menu item across the top of the page. You can also call or email us through our contact page for faster reply. Thanks!

  4. I am interested in purchasing some mushroom pegs from you. We will be in the Murfreesboro area next weekend. (11/6)
    Question: we plan on growing these in our basement in IL. We try to keep mold at a min by cleaning and ozonating. Will this work? Should we stop ozonatingnsince mushrooms r a fungus? Thx a bunch!!

  5. Sandra, be sure to call and schedule a pick up so we make sure we are here. We are only open for scheduled customer pickup. The ideal indoor grow would use bags of inoculated sawdust. These logs are designed to remain outdoors. A large scale indoor grow you will not want to do in your home and requires a high humidity that can exacerbate any existing mold issues.

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