Half Hill Farm’s free fermentation workshop – How To Brew Your Own Kombucha!

NOTICE: Fall 2016 mushroom workshops are closed.

We offer Shiitake mushroom log workshops for mushroom enthusiasts or health-conscious consumers interested in growing your own mushrooms for food or creating your own medicinal tinctures at home. We also offer fermentation workshops on how make your own Kombucha. Each workshop takes place on our farm and private residence in Woodbury, TN (12 miles East of Murfreesboro – here’s a map) or at our retail store located at the Arts Center of Cannon County (here’s a map) and are for individuals or groups by appointment. Each mushroom workshop includes your own 1 foot mushroom log.

GET STARTED: To reserve your workshop, call us at 615-469-7778. You can also purchase inoculated logs directly from us online or in person!

Grow your own – mushroom logs ($50 per person)

  • FALL: September, October, November
  • This 2 hour workshop is a hands-on experience that teaches you how to inoculate and care for your very own mushroom log (1 foot log included). You will drill, inoculate and wax your own oak log that should produce 7-15 pounds of Shiitake mushrooms over 3-5 years. This workshop takes place outdoors on our farm, weather permitting.

8 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. I don’t believe our logs have ever been sold in Nashville, although we are open to that. They are currently sold direct from our farm. Call us to schedule a mushroom workshop or to pick up an already inoculated mushroom log from our farm :)

  2. Janet, workshops are privately scheduled for whenever is most convenient for you or your group of up to four. Just call the number above to get started :)

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  5. Hi, I only just found you – I got some oyster mushroom plugs but for the life of me cannot get my hands on a suitable log … do you have any plain logs available or know where I could get them?

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